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Screaming Eagles Sports

Heritage Junior High
Freshman Basketball

Team Conduct policy:
As a member of this team you have made the decision to represent Heritage Junior High School. This is a privilege, and as a part of this team you are expected to act like gentlemen on and off the court. Each member of this team will be held accountable for their actions. Any player that's behavior brings negativity to our team, school or community will result in disciplinary action at my discretion. As a member of this team you represent not only yourself, but me, your classmates, your teachers and administrators, your family, and the community in Newburgh. This is a huge responsibility so do what is right and think about the choices you make because they impact more than just yourself.

Team Rules:
1.YOU MUST ATTEND PRACTICE EVERYDAY. If you miss practice YOU DO NOT PLAY, It's that simple. This requires you to be at school every day during the season. In the event of an emergency, you must call. You have made the decision to play on this team so you must be responsible and call me, not your parents they have enough to worry about.
2.You must attend Class everyday and be ON TIME. You are a student first and an athlete second. In addition you are expected to be alert in class and to not be a distraction. I understand that not everyone is great at school, but everyone can give a great effort. Do not disrupt your teachers lesson.
3.Be respectful, humble, and show good character in and out of school. This is the most important rule, because the main goal of this team is to make you better young men.
4. You will be required to maintain a blue sheet. You must get every
period initialed by your teacher, EVERY PERIOD! If you fail to do this you will sit.. don't test me. I don't want to sit you but don't put me in that situation I will make you accountable.
* As the coach of this team I demand that you abide by the rules and beliefs stated in this packet. If for what ever reason you cannot find it in yourself to conform to these beliefs I ask you to quit and allow someone else to take your spot.

Equipment and Uniform Policy:
You will only receive one piece of equipment. Take care of it to the best of your ability. Remember it's not yours you are only borrowing it.
1.If there is a problem with your uniform or a piece of equipment notify me as soon as possible.
2.Do not alter the uniform in any way.
3.Any player who does not return equipment will be charged a fee by the school district. It sounds harsh but if equipment is not replaced, teams in the future will suffer.

Injury Reporting Procedure:
If you have any kind on injury report it to me first. Do not go to the doctor until you have informed me. There are several steps that usually can be taken to treat an injury. We have an athletic trainer that is very helpful and can advise and treat most injuries.

Travel Policy
The day before we travel you will be given a departure time. WE WILL LEAVE AT THAT TIME NOT ONE MINUTE AFTER. We will not wait for you. You are expected to be respectful to the bus driver, and to keep the bus clean. You can listen to music if you have head phones otherwise you are expected to be silent. Understand that we are on the bus to attend a game, I expect you to focus on your responsibilities and not be a distraction.

Once again, you represent more than just yourself. Fighting, trash talking or show boating will not be tolerated. Never do something that brings attention to you and away from the team. When you make a good play, celebrate with your teammates and get ready for the next possession. Don't argue with the officials I will take care of that. After a game it's ok to be excited if we win but also be humble. If we lose be a gracious loser and show class and shake the other team's hand. Do not embarrass our team by your action or your words.

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